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California is filled with incredible educators, teachers, students and families. However, public schools in California are still broken for too many kids. We want your help in getting the word out! Submit your video on any one of the issues our public schools face:

  • California ranks almost last in the nation in reading and math

  • More than half of California’s graduates need remedial help in beginning college classes

  • California K-12 schools spend too much on bureaucracy and too little in the classroom

  • There is too little transparency and accountability in how tax dollars are spent on education

  • California has a statewide shortage of effective teachers

  • California schools don’t provide enough students with vocational education to teach job skills

Make your own short video for social media to help spread awareness about these issues. You can choose any of the above concerns, combine it with your story, and send it to us. You can also
include your ideas about what adults should do to turnaround our public schools. Winners will get recognition, a chance to win up to $1000 and their video seen by audiences across the state!

A fun and easy way to do this is to make an authentic video on one of the topics with you and your friends. Using your smartphone is encouraged. Or you can narrate an edited montage video, or create an animation. The best way to drive meaningful change in addressing the issues facing California schools is for the public and policy makers to hear your voices and personal stories. Every kid should have the opportunity to attend a great California public school and together we can work towards ensuring they do.

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